Used Boat Warranty

Used Boats -Our Used Boats have undergone a complete mechanical inspection to the best of our abilty within reason. The motor will be in good running order. All safety items (bilge, blower, lights on the boat and trailer) will be working. The remaining accessories in the boat and cosmetic appearance of the interior and exterior are sold as is. Upon final visual and mechanical inspection by the customer, if you are not completely satisfied, we will return your deposit payments in full. Once the boat has left the dealership, no warranty exists for fitness for a particular purpose or use and no warranty is implied or expressed. There is no reimbursement for travel costs or inconvenience under any circumstance.

Project Boats - Our Used Boats advertised as "project boats" will have unresolved mechanical issues. We have chosen not to repair them due to time constraints at the dealership. These boats are intended for the mechanically talented boat buyer looking for a fix-r-upper project. They are a good value if you have the time and the required mechanical skills. These boats are sold 100% as is and no warranty is expressed or implied and the sales price assume the customer will "hook and go" with the boat .